Boxwood – 

It is a softer wood which is used on the white side in combination with all the woods. It is durable and is best suited to complement Sheesham wood, Rosewood, Ebony wood, Redwood Padauk. There is a special design named as Burnt chess set (015) which is created by carefully burning and carving boxwood.

Ebonized –

This is a common type of wood that is stained to give a black texture. Those who cannot move to a higher budget mostly prefer to buy an ebonized chess set which is quite identical to the exotic ebony wood. In this Boxwood is colored black to make it look like a quality ebony chess set. Durability of these sets is an added asset.

Sheesham –

It is a common light brownish wood. It is softer and has grains in its structure to complement its texture. For a customer Sheesham wood is always an ideal choice as it suits too many combinations. Chessboards are mainly made in Sheesham so that they can blend with different varieties of woods.

Rosewood –

It’s a dark brownish premium wood with strong dark brownish grains. It’s a mid range wood and has an appealing brownish texture. It complements premium chess boards. Rosewood is considered to be a very royal choice worldwide because it owes an outlook which is unique and different from the other commonly used woods.

Ebony Wood –

For every chess lover, Ebony chess pieces are the most admirable choice. Ebony wood is coal black in color and it doesn’t have any grains. It’s a luxury wood and prime choice for the customer who looks to buy quality chess sets for him.

Redwood Padauk –

It is most expensive and catchy wood. Its color varies from light red to wine red. Those who look to buy something extra ordinary will surely fall in love with the grace of this wood. When it comes to chess Redwood Padauk is rated to be the most attractive and exotic choice.